28 April 2007

et cetera -

another week will soon pass. so fast. yet, it feels so long. like, I can't believe that tomorrow is already Sunday, but if you ask me what I did last Monday, I would not have a clue. it feels like a lifetime ago. everything that happened had dissolved into this massive blurriness inside my head. (the heart, however, remembers them vividly.) it feels like my brain is wrapped in masking tape. or magic tape, rather, since it's rather translucent.

remember how i wrote that i was on top of all my projects? well, forget i ever mentioned that. i'm in such deep, deep, deep shit. there are so many things to do that it's ridiculous. and even though i stay up, i get NOTHING done. shit. this coming week will be an insane, intense week. fo' sure. good thing i had a proper friday night or otherwise i would have gone mad.. and i did a little shopping too to de-stress. yay new ballet pumps. yay downloading songs from itunes.

i so need to find a more stable job. if only finding a design internship/part time job is not so frikking hard for non-PRs/non-citizens :( and if only my student doesn't bail out regularly. ugh.

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