11 April 2007

friendship lies in the little things we do -

how you know you're good friends with someone:

for no rhymes nor reasons they call/text/email/msn you and start talking about the randomest things. such as, what time the paper shop is open/closed. or, whether you're free tomorrow to do... something that is to be figured out when you meet.

without saying a single syllable, they know how you feel. and they stick with you during your worst temper. and they tell you what's best to do, nonhesitantly, when you can no longer think.

they know your favourite restaurant, drink, food, chocolate, biscuit, sweets, chewies, etc.

they insist doing something for you even when you say they shan't. because they know deep inside you want them to

they don't ask for anything in return

you don't have to say, or do anything to each other. there's no such thing as awkward silence.

you don't have to compete, or prove anything.

you ask them the randomest questions, like, "am i pretty?" *dingz*

you feel safe when they're near.

you feel comfortable. even after an argument. heh.

they're your family. and with them, you're home.

i heart them. can you tell? :)


Irene said...

Aww. :D Now i miss my two bestfriends because of your entry. Hehe. Udah jadi gak temporary lagi nih blognya? ^^

_little miss said...

keliatannya sih ngga ya? ahahahah.. blogging here is quite fun :)