26 April 2007

the long overdue update –

well. where shall i start?

uni's been busy, as usual. i stay up late almost every night to get things done bit by bit.
am quite happy to do it voluntarily, actually, being a geek that i am *sheepish smile*
the good thing is, i'm on top of all my projects (for a change!)
the bad news is, living in crazy hours with minimal sleep practically turn me into an insomniac.

i can't believe we've only got 5 more weeks left for this semester. it's exciting yet scary. i do have some ideas about life after uni, but throwing myself to actually do them and seize my dreams is a completely different thing altogether. i hope i can get into the honours program and stay here for at least one more year.. *crosses fingers*

other things.. hmm.. ticket and accomodation for italy trip are booked and paid for :)
i'm still waiting for my visa and we still have to gather around and talk about the itinerary, but so far so good.
found out that, unfortunately, i can't go to the rock werchter festival in belgium because we have to stay in venice on those days. boo for missing keane + mika + lily allen + muse + snow patrol etc but yay for a week in venice! so exciting!!

the website, however, is not going as well as i hope. apart from my label of a graphic designer to be, i have no knowledge in web design whatsoever.. but i know i need to have an online portfolio – people's been asking me to show them my work and i really think that having an online version would make my life heaps easier.
which is why i'm going to venture to borders tomorrow and pick up a "web design classroom in a book" book.
i'm sure it's not that hard, if i actually have the time to try and do it.

oh and i'm kinda seeing someone. it's not official yet or anything, but yeah. life's been beautiful.

i'd better go sleep now so that i won't be late for my italian class tomorrow :)


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